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Do Your Own Thing: Creative Rebels Live Podcast

Creative Rebels is a chart topping podcast with inspiring interviews with creative people who have rebelled against the 9-5, which offers advice on how you can too.

Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier, they’ll be recording a live podcast with a well-known creative as part of Creative Futures.

The interview will focus on the challenges that students face when they graduate, from finding a position within a company to starting their own business.

The podcast will conclude with a Q&A to answer all your burning questions and concerns.


Event Partner: Creative Rebels

Digital artwork on a wall

Photo by David Poultney

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Power Women: Podcast To Propel Your Career

Come along to this interactive panel discussion (with some audience participation) to hear from 3 creative women who have used podcasts to drive their careers forward and empower others along the way. The panel will share their inspiring journeys including how they got started and the reality of what it takes to make a podcast happen.
If you’re a UAL student with your own podcast idea you can stay on for an optional workshop after the event to help you plan your next steps.
Event Partner: Creative Shift
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Photo by Arianna Poverini

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