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Digital Self-Promotion, Influence and Story Telling

In this digital age, the internet is a place for business, self-promotion and telling your story to the world. 3 digital experts will explain how you can use the internet to start and boost your career:
  • Emma Jane Palin, blogger and freelancer writer – will talk about the ways in which you can promote and sell yourself online, as well as creative ways to pitch to perspective employers that will make you stand out.
  • Gavin Freeborn, photographer, blogger, marketer and communicator – will be speaking about how to become a positive influencer on social media and in person, looking at strategy, best practice and elevator pitches.
  • Laurie Stewart, founder of Mindless Mag – will tell you about her journey which started with a personal blog and led her to found a digital fashion magazine and write her first book. She’ll look at the power of storytelling and how it can be used as a powerful tool for elevating consciousness within fashion.
Man working on a laptop

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Promote Yourself: Communication and Finding Your Professional Voice

What is communication? What do we mean by voice? Why is your voice important?

This highly interactive and engaging workshop challenges you to consider all aspects of communication, look at your voice from the eyes of others, and develop your skills in real time role-play.

You will leave the workshop with an action plan that you can apply to improve your communication skills to promote yourself in interviews and socially.


Speakers: Tina Lilienthal & Jo Beardsworth, Co-Founders, Human Skills Academy

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Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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What Makes You Special? Your USP, Your Pitch

What makes you or your business special? Learn how to identify your unique selling points and build your personal pitch from scratch in this active workshop. You will practise the essential elements that you need to include in any pitch or conversations with people you need to impress. Come ready to talk and you’ll leave pitch ready!


Speaker: Mark Elliott, Mark Elliott Coaching

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Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Women+ In Leadership: How to Network

This interactive workshop that will delve deep into what networking is, why we do it and the art of how to do it your way!


Come along to learn simple techniques on how to present yourself with confidence from elevator pitches to body language and how to make the most of any given networking opportunity. You will also build awareness of cultural and gender differences in networking and how to navigate this.

Join us for a drinks reception afterwards and connect with new creatives. This event is part of Careers and Employability’s Women+ In Leadership programme, which aims to inspire and empower UAL’s women+ students to fulfil their potential.


Mirela de Lacerda, Archetypal Branding Strategist, Project M

Shaneika Johnson-Simms, Co-Founder, Asare Simms Limited

Event Partner: Creative Shift


Illustration of women networking

Illustration by Nia Hefe Filiogianni

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