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Creative Opportunities Job Fair

Meet creative employers, brands and services at our new careers and job fair!

Find out about current and future job opportunities and services that support working in the creative industries.


On the Day

Turn up any time between 12 and 4pm with copies of your CV, a friendly and confident manner and a positive attitude! Take a walk around the fair and talk to the employers and other companies to find what jobs and services they have available and whether you might be suitable.


Prepare for the Fair!

Employers are looking for the best staff for their organisations, so prepare before arrival – bring copies of your CV and research the companies who are taking part before you attend.


Useful resources to help you prepare:


The Creative Opportunities Fair is open to all UAL students and graduates.

Students at a stand at a careers fair.

Photo by Damian Griffiths

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The Power of Perseverance

Success often comes from pursuing your passion, hard work, and most importantly not giving up. Perseverance is more powerful than talent, privilege and luck.

Digital Marketing expert, Jonathan Brown will tell his story of perseverance – of the successes and failures in his personal and professional life from a struggling undergraduate to an accomplished professional. Through his talk ‘The Power of Perseverance’ he hopes to inspire the next generation to think outside the box to do and achieve more.


Speaker: Jonathan Brown, Personalisation Consultant, Vodafone

Two women working on computers

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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