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Fashion Careers of the Future

As you step out to embark on a career in fashion, you may find yourself drawn to the traditional pathways of a designer, stylist, buyer or editor. However, the industry is an exciting yet ever evolving landscape of opportunity and these ‘traditional’ pathways have transformed and are no longer about focussing on a single specialism. Instead you are encouraged and expected to develop a diverse set of transferable skills. With the growth of social media, leaps in tech innovation and consumer awareness, fashion brands – and the roles within them – are adapting in order for them to remain relevant and responsive to the future consumers’ needs, as well as be at the forefront of a competitive industry.

There has been the introduction of new and exciting roles, from Sustainable Fabric Developer to AR (Augmented Reality) Specialist, Data Scientist, and Corporate Social Responsibility Experts, which are all pathways waiting for the next generation of graduates to apply for. So if you’re intrigued about what the future of the fashion industry looks like and how you can build a sustainable career then this workshop is for you.

Speaker: Zena Franklin-Lewis, Fashion Buyer

Student posing for a photo

Photo by Arianna Poverini

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Embracing Sustainability to Kick-start your Fashion Career

Sustainability can often feel like a passing trend in the industry. It can also be incredibly frustrating when you enter an industry full of passion and energy to disrupt it, only to find you feel like you have to compromise your morals to pay the bills.

This panel discussion will be compiled of several professionals from different jobs in the fashion industry who specialise in sustainability and feel it has moved their career in a positive direction. It will explore the challenges of working in sustainable fashion, how to become an expert in your area of passion, spotting the gaps in the sustainable fashion job market to stand out in, and how to launch your own sustainable fashion business.


The panel will be hosted by Olivia Pinnock, founder of The Fashion Debates.

Model at a fashion shoot

Photo by Arianna Poverini

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