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Creative Opportunities Job Fair

Meet creative employers, brands and services at our new careers and job fair!

Find out about current and future job opportunities and services that support working in the creative industries.


On the Day

Turn up any time between 12 and 4pm with copies of your CV, a friendly and confident manner and a positive attitude! Take a walk around the fair and talk to the employers and other companies to find what jobs and services they have available and whether you might be suitable.


Prepare for the Fair!

Employers are looking for the best staff for their organisations, so prepare before arrival – bring copies of your CV and research the companies who are taking part before you attend.


Useful resources to help you prepare:


The Creative Opportunities Fair is open to all UAL students and graduates.

Students at a stand at a careers fair.

Photo by Damian Griffiths

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* CANCELLED* Career Opportunities for Chinese Creatives and the Chinese Market

Chinese-language content – such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty or storytelling documentaries – is on the rise, with 1 in 6 people in the world being Chinese. Such content can be developed not only in greater China, but by people all over the world, posing a significant opportunity for creative graduates.

Led by advertising and branded content agency M&L, this session will tell you about:

  • The skills you need to forge a career path in this growing and dynamic market.
  • Unique ways that Chinese audiences consume media and interact on social.
  • The internationalisation of the Chinese audience and how this influences content.
  • How Chinese film-making technology is transforming the way we make content.
  • Practical work visa issues for westerners wanting to work in greater China, and Chinese graduates wanting to work in the UK.

Event Partner: M&L

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to travel restrictions in China

A camera on a pile of books

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Change for Good: Social Enterprises from UAL Graduates

Business, profit, entrepreneur, sales…sometimes these seem like negative words that don’t have much to do with creativity. But there is a way that you can be creative, run a business AND do good. Come to this event, which is being run and sponsored by the UAL Alumni Enterprising Association, and hear from some incredible creative businesses who are selling and having a positive social impact. Find out what it takes to run a social enterprise, what you need to consider, and some of the support available. You’ll leave feeling inspired by our enterprising panel of speakers, meet other like-minded creatives, and learn how to launch or grow your own social enterprise.


Stephanie Mclaren Neckles – LCC Design School alumnus and co-founder and director of social enterprises Twenty% Extra + Lets Be Brief

Ella Ritchie – CSM Fine Art alumnus and co-founder and director of Intoart; an inclusive art and design studio and gallery.

Josie Tucker + Richard Ashton – LCC MA Graphics alumni and co-founders of Adapt Studio: design for the subject of climate crisis.

Shaneika Johnson-Simms – LCC Film Practice alumnus and co-founder of film production company Asare Simms Limited.

Event Partner: UAL Enterprising Alumni Association and LCC Graduate Engagement

6-7pm: Drinks reception (Lower Gallery)
7-8-30pm: Presentations & panel discussion (Lecture Theatre A)

RSVP: enterprisingalumni@arts.ac.uk

People painting at Intoart Studio, Peckham Levels

Intoart Studio. Photograph by Josef Konczak

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Doors Open: How to Start a Career in the Music Industry

We all know that the music industry can seem like an impenetrable fortress for those who are starting their careers. This panel aims to demystify the industry with several well-established professionals sharing their unique journeys in music, covering a variety of topics such as: careers you didn’t know existed, mentorship, the influence of technology and social media, DIY initiatives and more.

Created by Resident Advisor, Doors Open is a platform for people to connect with companies and projects they believe in, and for independent music companies to find the staff they need to turn ideas into reality.

Speakers include:

  • Martha (host): DJ, Presenter and Sound Artist from South London
  • Dane Bradshaw: Head of Sync at Ministry of Sound Publishing
  • Olesia Lipskaia: Graphic Designer at Resident Advisor and UAL alumni
  • Hattie Wynter: Marketing Coordinator at Native Instruments

Event Partner: Doors Open

Photo: Resident Advisor

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Make Things Happen: Getting Creative Projects Off the Ground Against the Odds

3 UAL graduates share what they’ve learned pursuing their creative projects and businesses after graduation. Hear how proactivity, enterprise and agility has helped them achieve their goals.

Their stories will cover everything from: exhibiting, funding, being the underdog to winning awards, collaborating and persevering.

Be inspired about what you can do despite what you might have been told.



  • Artist and Mead Fellow, Helen Cawley will talk about winning awards, and collaborating as an artist and working on international projects.
  • Fashion and Textile Designer Caro Gomez founder of her own brand and former International student will talk about getting ahead as an underdog.
  • Street photographer Henry Kenyon will talk about exhibiting internationally and how to make the most of it on a budget.
Two people in a studio making sculptures

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Design Thinking: How Creatives Can Add Value in the Business World

Are you looking for ideas for your career as a creative? Do you want to make a real impact with your work? Business needs creativity!

Den Creative will talk you through how design thinking is used in business to try and solve problems and how analysts and consultants work together with creatives to do this – keeping consumers and end users at the centre of solutions. Members of their creative team will talk about their backgrounds, showing you some of the projects they’ve worked on and how they have leveraged their creative thinking to have a real impact on their work.


Speakers include:

  • Rob Swallow, Creative Director, Den Creative
  • Emma Lanman, Creative Principle, Den Creative
  • Vanessa Jaramillo, Creative Designer, Den Creative
  • Sophie Li Henry, Junior Front-end Developer, Den Creative
  • Analysts and consultants from Elixirr


Event Partner: Den Creative

A student working on a laptop

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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What I Wish I’d known When I Graduated

Want to know what the experts wish they’d known as you prepare for your career in the creative industries?

D&AD New Blood exists to help the next generation of creative talent. We’ve worked with thousands of students over the past 40 years across a whole host of programmes. This session will bring together some former D&AD New Blood Awards winners (our rising star awards programme) and Academy attendees who have graduated from UAL and now work in the advertising and design sector. They’ll be speaking about the things they wish they’d known when they first graduated, how their career first got started, and top advice for those looking to walk in their footsteps.


Event Partner: D&AD

Exhibition of work at LCC

Photo by Lewis Bush

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Setting up a Studio and Selling as a Maker

Having a studio and work-space is often an essential step for many maker businesses. You may need large or messy specialist equipment, space to do batch production, and a dedicated place with a community of creatives to develop your business. And once you’ve got the produce you need to know where best to sell it to reach your market.

Come to this session to hear real life experiences about how you can do this and options for selling your work, whether through markets, online, or directly to retailers.

Partner: Cockpit Arts

person working with ceramics

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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