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An Artist’s Guide to Copyright

Navigating copyright laws and interpreting contracts can be confusing so it’s important to know your rights and how to protect your work.

In this workshop, DACS will demystify copyright and contracts so you can make the best decisions for you and your career. DACS will explain how to protect your rights, how to earn from licensing and other royalty schemes, and what contractual clauses really mean. You’ll come away with new skills and tools that will help your career.

DACS was set up by artists for artists and they represent over 100,000 members internationally. They offer a number of services that support artists at different stages of their career. As you establish your creative practice, they can help you earn money that will pay for studio space and materials, supporting you to make new work.

Event Partner: DACS

A student making jewellery in a workshop

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Managing Your IP in an Instagram Age

For creative people, social media is a platform for positive engagement, getting your voice heard and your name known. However, it can equally be daunting to navigate what to share, how and when to share it, and when to seek permission to use other peoples’ works. Join us for a participatory session exploring the opportunities and challenges of protecting and respecting your work in a digital space.

Event Partner: Careers & Employability

UAL student Jing Qi's artwork featuring instagram posts, a phone and messages.

Copyright Ana Carolina Baquero. Artwork by Jing Qi.

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