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What’s Holding You Back? How Self-Perception Affects Your Potential


Do you think your self-perception affects how you work towards your career? When pricing your work, do you address your self-confidence? When you describe to people what you do and dream of becoming, do you reflect on your self-belief? When sharing your work online, do you acknowledge your self-worth?


This talk will discuss positive and negative examples of self-perception and how they can affect your business and career. How to become more aware of our self-perception infiltrating our business decisions (big or small) and stop them. Ways to analyse and reflect on your perceptions and beliefs of self once you’ve become aware of them. Advice on how to stay strong on the down days and how to celebrate on the good days.


Speaker: Lizzie Reid, Illustrator, Creative Designer and Poet, Lizzies Lines.

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Painting by Tom Camera. Photo: Alys Tomlinson

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Career Confidence and Resilience

In an increasingly competitive creative market, the ability to be confident and resilient, and to overcome and bounce back from rejection, is more important than ever. Students will learn through real life professional experience how to pitch themselves and their brand, and acquire resilience and confidence in the face of potential setbacks.


Speakers: Genevieve Muwana, Personal Branding and Mindset Coach and Sandra Fearon, Associate Lecture

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Photo by Lei Zhang

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