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How Art Fairs Can Help Your Career

Recently the art world has seen an explosion of art fairs – so many so that some say this is a crisis in the art world, inverting the traditional gallery system and compromising the carefully balanced relationships of artists, gallerists and collectors. However, this eruption of activity in this type of temporary art event across the globe presents thrilling possibilities. Throw the power of the internet and social media into the ring, and the arena for artists to make their way in the contemporary art world is filled with opportunities.

This talk will discuss how to prepare for and create these opportunities via the art fair system: to include preparing for an exhibition showcase; managing corporate commissions; branding, and networking.

This is a talk for any visual artists wishing to forge an independent career within the creative world.

Speaker: Led by Sophie Lucas, Fair Director at The Other Art Fair.

Event Partner: The Other Art Fair

Window of the Lethaby Gallery at CSM

Photo by Martin Slivka

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An Artist’s Guide to Copyright

Navigating copyright laws and interpreting contracts can be confusing so it’s important to know your rights and how to protect your work.

In this workshop, DACS will demystify copyright and contracts so you can make the best decisions for you and your career. DACS will explain how to protect your rights, how to earn from licensing and other royalty schemes, and what contractual clauses really mean. You’ll come away with new skills and tools that will help your career.

DACS was set up by artists for artists and they represent over 100,000 members internationally. They offer a number of services that support artists at different stages of their career. As you establish your creative practice, they can help you earn money that will pay for studio space and materials, supporting you to make new work.

Event Partner: DACS

A student making jewellery in a workshop

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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Finding Work in the Art World

This panel discussion – hosted by Artquest with invited guest speakers from the art world – will offer insight and practical advice for finding work in this sector. Panellists will discuss the wide variety of roles available and strategies for sustaining yourself after graduating. They’ll discuss Artquest’s AWP Internships programme; offering students an understanding and awareness of the opportunities open to them.
Event partner: Artquest
Woman painting a picture of a child in a studio

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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DIY: Using the Internet as a Platform for Artists

Many artists now use digital spaces and tools to create works and online exhibitions.

This panel debate will reflect on the role of internet as a space for creative production and exhibition. Can the internet or social media still be used as a space for creativity in a manner that is both democratic and cost-effective? What are the pitfalls? And how do you best make work that gets seen there?


  • Eden Clark, Co-founder of Feminist Internet
  • Iain Ball, Artist
  • Adham Faramawy, Artist

Event Partner: Arts SU

Man in a studio painting

Photo by Alys Tomlinson

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